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'To Done' Lists

Updated: Mar 25

I've been toying with the idea of creating 'To - Done' lists over 'To - Do'. The wording 'have done'- feels rather obligatory. It gives me a feeling of control being taken from me, rather than accomplishment. To Done- though it makes no sense feels more like a Win. Some thing that anticipates more, is more exciting, and is unexpected.

Which is exactly what I need, I need to recognize the unexpected things going on in my daily life that are -in fact, WINS. Doing laundry, a Win. Cleaned my toilet out of the blue- without assigning myself cleaning times or days-- WIN. Drinking a gallon of water when I hadn't planned it-- total Win!! Looking at to done list at the end of the day feels like I can see my true character, my efforts, not my should have's, would have's, or could have's. It's thrilling to see that I was productive in ways that I didn't try to control myself to be; and instead seeing the natural productivity I do embrace. I feel like it may help me get to know myself more, get to know the good things I do and am- in place of the constant pressure on myself. Coming from a place of -at times- debilitating depression- where ultimately NOTHING on a 'To do' list gets done, and instead feels like those tasks get heavier and heavier with each hour, nah- the 'To Done' lists helps me see that I KILLED It to day from Rock bottom. How else can I truly learn to love myself other than taking the time to recognize who I am organically at my base, than by seeing the good of right now?


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